Contact the team at
Yarram Park:

Craig Brewin: Manager
0428 648 117
Michael Petersen: Cattle Manager
0437 981 870
Georgia Walter: Stud Sheep Manager
0455 550 837

Dale Bruns: Stud Classer
0458 899 918
Antony Baillieu:
0417 519 599

Yarram Park
Willaura, Vic. 3379


Yarram Park is a comfortable 3 hour drive from Melbourne Airport or 50 minutes from Hamilton.

Hamilton Aerodrome is an all-weather strip with lights. Phone the aerodrome on 03 5574 8220.

Yarram Park has its own light aircraft strip, 27 I radial from Yarrawee 23.3 km D.M.E Mt William 1280 metres running north-south, with wind sock northern end.

We can arrange pickup from Melbourne or Hamilton airports.


Fire Map No: Region 16 391-E3
Vicroads Map: 56 Ref 9A

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