Breeding Objectives

Yarram Park aims to produce structurally sound quality performance cattle with the ability to thrive in all conditions.

Fertility, calving ease and milking ability are of paramount importance in our female herd, and we class strictly to these objectives.

Doing ability, constitution and the capacity to grow on and weigh are tight specifications we adhere to with our draft of bulls. Directly related to this is temperament, and we will not tolerate any animal that is not comfortable to work with.

Herd Health

  • All sale bulls have completed their full vaccination program with 7 in 1 & Pestiguard
  • All bulls have received their Summer drench and will be drenched again prior to leaving Yarram Park
  • EU accredited (3ARH T000)
  • Great Southern Q.A. program: 210-B5
  • Trace Elements - Bulls Treated with the following:
    • Vitamin ADE
    • Multimin
    • Vitamin B12

Any herd health issues can be discussed with
Dr. John Brennen
Ph: 03 5352 1021
Mobile: 0427 678 131

All bulls scanned and assessed by
Xcel Beef - Liam Cardile
Ph: 02 6036 3797
Mobile: 0409 572 570

Commercial Classing

Yarram Park provides a commercial classing option to any of our clients, Cattle or Sheep, in order to assist with proper selection and ongoing breeding programs.

The Yarram Park team are also very happy to help out with any health issues, general management and nutrition, and selection of suitable sires for herd or flock development.

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