Bull Services

Yarram Park is an intensive mixed grazing operation at the foothills of the Grampians National Park in Western Victoria. Comprising 9,200 hectares, Yarram Park employs a full time staff of 7.

The operation involves the running of both stud and commercial Hereford cattle of up to 2,600 head, and a stud and commercial sheep enterprise peaking at 45,000 head.

The stud programs market 100 Bulls and 350 Rams annually in both private and production sales.

We have a progressive annual program of pasture and water development, including an extensive fodder production operation aiming to drought proof the property given its exposure to high livestock numbers.

Yarram Park also carries out a small cropping program of oilseed and cereal crops to provide livestock supplements, and as a role in pasture development.

We pride ourselves in providing a happy and enjoyable working environment with ongoing staff training.

Artificial Insemination

Yarram Park has established an unparralled reputation over more than 50 years of breeding for bulls that are proven and durable performers.

In addition, Yarram Park’s performance and progeny tested sires excel in a range of trials, reinforcing the quality and profitability of the stud’s bloodlines.

Trials that have been carried out include:

  • Genetics Australia Progeny Test
  • Elders IGM Progeny Test
  • Co-operative Research Centre Carcase Quality Trial
  • ICM Feedlot trial
  • MSA Steer Carcase Trial


Birth, milk, 200, 400, 600 day and EMA now available from Yarram Park


Constitution, doing ability, easy care management

Many Yarram Park blood sons are being sources for the extreme conditions of North-Western Australia and Western New South Wales because of their ability to thrive, and their easy management in harsh conditions.

We can arrange to set up and run your own AI program, with recommended bulls for individual needs

Commercial Herd

Through the use of both AI and natural service we are able to join large numbers of cows to new sires and then follow them through to slaughter, gaining valuable feedback on performance. This allows us to fast track proven sires into the stud operation that have been well-tested and bench marked against industry standards.

This system also gives us a huge advantage in being able to identify bulls that will be more predictable and consistent in their breeding performance, and give both us and potential buyers greater confidence in the bulls we are breeding.

Progeny from the commercial herd are tested wherever possible through feedlot trials, carcase competitions, CRC and other industry trials. We also endeavour to market as many calves as possible through feedlot trials to measure commercial performance.

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