Yarram Park markets their sale team of bulls and genetic packages privately throughout the year.

We believe this enables us to better understand the individual needs of our clients, and their own breeding objectives. This in turn allows us to provide better opportunities to individuals who we have been able to spend more time with. The private marketing system also achieves a more relaxed and personalised environment away from the pressures of the standard auction system.

During this time we are happy to discuss general herd health and management of your breeding program, and can offer you the following services:

  • General herd classing, including replacement heifer selection
  • Herd health and husbandry management
  • Nutritional management
  • Breeding alternatives and sire selection
  • Set up and running of Artificial Insemination programs
  • Delivery of your new bull

Yarram Park will arrange all transport requirements directly to your property.

After sales service

What happens to your new bull after purchase is of utmost importance and interest to us. He must go on and thrive, be of excellent temperament, and must impact positively on your herd through his progeny.

We remain totally focused on your new bulls performance after leaving Yarram Park, and his ongoing future in your herd.

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